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PowerNet Global Communications is a leader in the telecommunications industry. PowerNet Global offers Long distance, 5X Faster 56K dialup internet access, bundled services and more.

Local & Bundled Services
local and long distance within the continental USA and to Canada from PowerNet Global Communications for one low monthly fee!
Long Distance Plans
offered by PowerNet Global Communications with rates as low as 3.3 per minute State to State.
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Now pay your PowerNet Global Communications bill on-line.
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Help others to save on their telecommunication needs and earn a residual income from PowerNet Global Communications.


Q. Who is the underlying carrier for PowerNet Global Communications?

A. All customers are provisioned to Qwest (or Touch America) or Global Crossing.

Q. How will I know if I'm switched to PowerNet Global Communications?

A. Just call (toll free) 1-700-555-4141 and listen for "Qwest" (or Touch America) or Global Crossing who are PNG's Network Provider.

Q. What do I do if I miss my verification call?

A. Call 800-653-9211 so as to be able to complete the third party verification.

Q. What are the PowerNet Global Communications billing options?

A. PowerNet Global Communications is a direct-billed service, which means customers will receive a separate statement each month for their service. You can either pay your bill by check or by AutoPay (credit card draft).

Q. What are the billing increments?

A. For the 5.4¢ and 4.9¢ Programs, the length of your calls are measured (and billed) in 6 second increments. The minimum length of each call is 18 seconds. For the 4.5¢ Program, the length of your calls are measured (and billed) in 60 second increments. The minimum length of each call is 60 seconds.

Q. Under what name will the charges appear on my phone bill?

A. Customers will receive a separate statement directly from PowerNet Global Communications.

Q. What are PowerNet Global Communications PICC and USF fees?

A. The FCC imposed PICC fee is $4.74/line for additional Commercial lines (the first commercial line and all residential lines are free of charge). The FCC imposed USF (Universal Service Fund) of 9.9% will be charged on all long distance calls.

Q. DoesPowerNet Global Communications offer calling cards?

A. Yes. The Travel Card rate is currently 9.9¢ per minute. All calling card calls will be included in your monthly bill. Stand-Alone Travel Card customers will receive a separate bill.

Q. Does PowerNet Global Communications credit switching fees?

A. Yes! Just write your PNG account number on your Local Phone Bill (with the switch fee) and fax it to the PNG Customer Service Department at 513-942-5579. You may also mail it to PNG via US Mail (their address will appear on your invoice).

Q. How long should it take for service to be activated?

A. Please allow 5 to 10 business days for the switch-over to take effect pending credit approval.

Q. Who do we contact for activation problems?

A. Click here to report any problems.

Q. Does the $2.50 fee apply to each service separately or can we include usage from everything?

A. The fee is only incurred if the total usage of all services on the account is less than $15 in any billing period.

Q. Can I order PowerDial and OnePlus service together?

A. Yes. You can order 1, or all of PNG's services at the same time. Just indicate on our order form which services you are interested in. It's that easy!

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